Plastic mold design and cooling system

1. Cooling purpose: speed up the melting of plastics, shorten the production cycle, improve production efficiency and the quality of plastic parts

2. Cooling medium: usually water and oil, compressed air can be used in special cases

3. Cooling principle: ensure that the mold core temperature is basically the same; cooling as much as possible

4, cooling method:

1). Direct cooling type: water is transported directly out of the mold core, and it is suitable for the flat product structure. According to the height of the mold core, a single-layer or double-layer circuit can be designed to improve the cooling efficiency.

2). Spacer type: the flow direction of the water is controlled by the copper plate, which is suitable for the structure where the back mold core is thicker, the product has a large concave and convex and needs to be focused on cooling.

3). Jet flow type: similar to spacer type

4). Spiral type: The cooling water produces a spiral loop in the mold core, which has a better cooling effect, but it is troublesome to manufacture and costly.

5). Thermal conductivity: use beryllium copper with good thermal conductivity as inserts , and the cooling water directly touches the whole or tail area

5, Common specifications for cooling system

1). Common specifications for water transportation channels are Φ6, Φ8, Φ10, and Φ12. When designing, try to use large diameter channels to increase the heat exchange capacity.

2). The corresponding pipe joint specifications are commonly used 1/8", 1/4", 3/8" cylindrical pipe thread or tapered pipe thread for thread sealing

      1/8″ can be used for Φ6 & Φ8; 1/4″ can be used for Φ8 & Φ10; 3/8″ can be used for Φ12 & Φ14

3). American AISI standard (DME)-American faucet connector (NPT);

      European DIN standard (HASCO)-there are imperial (BSPT and BSP) and metric (mm) tap joints

4). Two commonly used sealing rings: ordinary ring and high-temperature ring.

      Ordinary rubber ring is used for mold temperature of -10°~120°, high temperature rubber ring is used for mold temperature of 120°~200°, such as PC, PA material and other rubber rings when transporting hot water or hot oil, high temperature rubber rings must be used