Aluminum ,Steel and Plastic are used for CNC machining,through milling, turning, EDM, WEDM, surface grinding, cylindrical grinding and other processes to complete the production of your high-precision parts quickly. Learn more.

Thermoplastics are used for injection molding, and the types include General-Purpose Plastics, Engineering Plastics, and Special Engineering Plastics.

And it can manufacture up to 100,000+ plastic parts. This process is very suitable for massive production. Learn more.

From Ordinary Silicone, Flame Retardant Silicone, High Temperature Resistant Silicone to Food Grade Silicone. According to the material characteristics, the hardness can be selected from 30°~90°. Learn more.

Using SLA, SLS and other processes, the materials include Photosensitive Resin, Transparent Photosensitive Resin, High-Performance Nylon Resin etc. Very suitable for rapid prototyping, verification of your conceptual model and functional verification. Learn more.

According to your product application, choose the appropriate manufacturing process and materials.
Materials can be provided by customers or purchased by us.

Can not find the raw material you want?

Please contact us, we can find a solution for your new project.