Precision Injection Mold
Japan SEIBU and SODICK electrical discharge wire cutting machine (WEDM), SODICK electrical discharge machine (EDM), Japan TUGAMI and FANUC high-speed Machining Centers,Taiwan YONGJIN (YCM) and China's JIRFINE Machining Centers, Taiwan TAKISAWA CNC Lathes, etc., with advanced manufacturing technology and strict quality management system, provide a powerful for the production of high-quality products.

Advantages of Precision Injection Mold
● Use international standard parts HASCO, DME, MISUMI ● Produce high-quality plastic parts ● It can reach 700,000 shots ● Good surface finish and processing range
How to Reduce Mold Costs?
1. Eliminate undercuts and sharp corners 2. Remove unnecessary functions 3. Reduce the surface treatment of the appearance surface 4. Optimize the design of assembly parts 5. Modify and reuse molds 6. Pay attention to DFM analysis 7. Use multi-cavity or family mold 8. Consider part size If you have questions about the design of plastic products, please view more information about the design guidelines for injection molding or contact us directly.
How do we confirm the quality of the mold?

Know Your Injection Raw Materials and Surface Finishing
Almost all type of thermoplastic resin can be used in the injection molding process.
There are thousands of different types of materials to choose and enabling you to design products that conform to performance, color and quality.
Click to check our commonly used material grade.
Surface finishing is to form a layer with one or more special properties on the surface of the material through physical or chemical methods.
Can improve product appearance, texture, function and other aspects of performance. Click to check our injection mold surface finishing types.