CNC Machining
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CNC Machining Service
XZH TECH's CNC machining services offer you a comprehensive rapid prototyping to massive production solution, which is very suitable for rapid prototyping, new product launches and low volume production made of various plastics and metals. We have a full set of advanced processing equipment, which can provide Multi-axis milling, CNC turning, EDM, WEDM, Grinding Machine, Laser Engraving and much more.
The maximum machining size range is 1270mm.

What is CNC Milling?
CNC milling is a machining process of a subtractive manufacturing, using 3-axis and multi-axis machining centers. It is programmed and managed by computer numerical control (CNC), which uses computer control and rotation of multi-point cutting tools to gradually remove material from the workpiece, and finally produces custom-designed parts or products. This process is suitable for machining various materials, such as metal, plastic, and wood. Including drilling, turning and various other machining processes, which means that material is removed from the workpiece by mechanical processing tools (such as the action of the cutting tool of a milling machine).
What is CNC Turning?
CNC turning is a machining process of a subtractive manufacturing process, using 3-axis and multi-axis CNC lathes. It is programmed and managed by computer numerical control (CNC), or it can be set manually by a technician. The machine works by rotating the material through the spindle, and the fixed cutting tool approaches the workpiece to cut the unwanted part from the workpiece, and finally produces a custom-designed part . This process is suitable for machining various materials, such as metal, plastic, and wood.

Advantages of CNC Machining
● Wide range of materials, various metal and plastic raw materials can be selected ● High precision size, ±0.005mm ● Fast completion, high efficiency ● Complex parts can be produced ● Good surface finish ● Suitable for larger and more complex parts

CNC Machining Tolerance
When submit production design, it is helpful to mark the acceptable range of tolerances or part dimensions.
The tolerances of the parts must be clarified to meet the requirements of the assembly function. If the specific tolerance is not indicated on the product design drawing, we will make it according to the following: Metal parts: ± 0.05 mm (equivalent to ISO 2768-1 "f-precision level") Plastic parts: ± 0.10 mm (equivalent to ISO 2768-1 "m-medium level") The above tolerances are usually achievable, but much depends on the materials chosen and the shape of the design.
Although CNC machining can achieve very strict tolerances, it must increase the debugging and self-inspection process to achieve higher accuracy, which will lead to longer production times and increased costs.
If there are specific functional requirements such as tolerances or fits, we will consider feasibility,
so please contact us.
We also provide high-precision machining "ISO 286-2 shaft and hole fit tolerance"
to meet the high-quality requirements of customers' core components.

Know Your CNC Machining Raw Materials & Surface Finishing
Almost all of solid metal materials engineered grade injection profiles can be used in CNC cutting.There are thousands of different types of materials to choose and enabling you to design products that conform to performance, color and quality.
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Surface finishing is to form a layer with one or more special properties on the surface of the material through physical or chemical methods.
Surface finishing can improve product appearance, texture, function and other aspects of performance.
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